The science of Empathy in workplace

Empathy in the modern workplace is not just the ability to see things from a different perspective but it is also the corner stone of teamwork, innovation, creativity and smart leadership. Empathy is the ability to make others feel understood and heard.

Recent studies in the world of work in the field of leadership and driving performance in different organizations and cultures reveal that empathy – the ability to listen and react in empathy, is a critical force that drives performance in different fields in the workplace. However, in the modern era empathy is in decline. The reasons vary from technology overuse and less face to face communication to more emphasis on task management than on interaction.

During the lecture we will understand the science behind empathy, how it is created in our brain? What are the neuronal mechanisms that shape it? Is it innate or learned and why do we feel empathy towards some people more than others? Finally, we will collect some practical tools to encourage and preserve empathy in the workplace

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