Dr. Liat Yakir

Liat Yakir embarked on a fascinating journey in search of romantic love – that sweet, often elusive and infinitely powerful emotion that most humans strive for. Many have studied it, written about it and even died for it and yet, it appears, we are mostly blind to the essence of love and the importance of hormones, neurons and genes that dictate to us who we’ll fall in love with, and who we’ll rejec

Research and experiments conducted on various animal species, as well as on the behavioral patterns of men and women in search of love, including those who found it – come together here in this book to provide a very interesting account of the evolution of loving and coupledom in history and in modern times. Why do we find it so difficult to get out of Tinder and how does this connect to one of the most famous psychological studies in the world? How many potential partners are we supposed to meet before settling on “the one?” Are we destined to be monogamous? And what is the scientific recipe for reinforcing a stable marital relationship?Today, for the first time in the history of humanity, we have the knowledge and the freedom to choose the romantic relationship we wish for ourselves – whether or not this is monogamous, and whether it involves establishing a family, or not; and notwithstanding the fact that this freedom presents us with new and different challenges.The excess of choice in the world of Digital match-making causes cognitive distribution and over-criticism. The biological clock ticks differently among men and women, thus causing frustration. Within the material plenty in which we live – a surplus of resources and temptations – there is no evolutionary advantage to lifelong monogamy and our genes are pushing for diversity and distribution of dangers. Therefore, in an era flooded with technical inequality, it is more important than ever to understand the science of love; what stands behind our choices, how to choose the right partner and how to preserve our love over time.The author, Dr. Liat Yakir, is a young research biologist, who has a PhD in Molecular Genetics and M.Sc. in Biological regulation from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel. This, her first book, has been published in Israel by Keter Publishing House.

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