Female Brain Vs Male Brain

Every creature on earth starts its life as a female. During embryogenesis, under unique genetic and hormonal ques a male program will initiate. What are the differences between the two programs? how the different sex hormones affect the female and the male brains? During the lecture we will analyze the evolutionary roots of the male […]

The science of Empathy in workplace

Empathy in the modern workplace is not just the ability to see things from a different perspective but it is also the corner stone of teamwork, innovation, creativity and smart leadership. Empathy is the ability to make others feel understood and heard. Recent studies in the world of work in the field of leadership and […]

Stress, happiness and the Human Brain

Sudden and unpredicted changes are one of the major human stressors as it elevates our anxiety levels drastically. The very unpredicted COVID-19 is currently wreaking havoc on humans’ stress response worldwide. During the lecture we will understand what is stress; what happens in our body and brain; why different people respond differently to stress; are […]

The Science and Future of Love

Millions of songs, tales, books, films were written about it. It's created and vanished every second, throwing women and men into an emotional swirl – 'Love'. But what love exactly is – Scientifically? How is it created in our brains and occupies it? How do we choose the One, and the next one…? What our […]